Sports Dood coaches plan

1 06 2016

In development for most sports but already rolling out is the ability to make a PDF plan with images and notes to share with other members of the team. Here is how you create it (video to follow):

  1. Save play images for the plan
  2. Hit the playbook button (clipboard)
  3. Select “Export coach plan”
  4. Select your images
  5. Add a note for each image (see note below)

Note: if you want to add notes to the plan for each image, turn on the check box in the Options  for “Add note to plan”. You will then be prompted for each image to add notes. You can enter about 350 characters.

Sports Dood refresh

1 06 2016

New apps rolled out with video making capability added to Android and a UI refresh all around. Below is one of the sports videos to show how the new version looks.

Football Background

14 04 2016

A few people have emailed me about the removal of the chalk board background for Football in favor of the white board version. I did this as a feature request for those who print off plans. That being said, you can download the field below by saving the image. Once you save it, pop it into the FootballDood/backgrounds folder and it will appear in the list of field options.Black

Android play videos being tested

5 04 2016

One of the most requested features is the ability to share videos of your plays. While iOS has had this, Android has been left out. I am currently playing with adding it as a beta feature to the upcoming release. Below is a quick video I made using the beta feature.

New Android versions coming soon

22 03 2016

Currently working to update the application to a new set of UI elements. There is a lot of code that needs to be redone to improve it for future releases. The new updates will not have significant new features but should make some of the UI easier to manage.

In addition to some new UI, I am also moving to a subscription model to support development. Answering emails and maintaining code all take time and the current one time purchase model doesn’t really cover costs. All features are still available without subscription in the ad supported version. These ads can consume bandwidth so it is a trade off to consider when thinking about which option you want to use. If you are subscribed, no ad code is ever initialized.

Below is a quick snap shot of one of the new UI’s that help reduce the time it takes to accomplish things. I will also look in the future to support play hierarchy to group plays.


New animation features underway

3 11 2015

One of the biggest feature requests we get is having the ability to have a unique play drawing or text per keyframe or step in the play.  It helps walk players through a more complex series of plays.  Sports Dood apps up until now have always supported a single drawing per play.  The below video illustrates the capability although likely not a very interesting play.  You can see some drawing being added in mid animation play back.  The process works the same as regular play creation, if you change or add new layers of drawings, they will be recorded to the keyframe.

One of the draw backs of this is that undo may not work as expected.  Once you record a frame, that drawing becomes an image associated with that particular keyframe.  As long as you continue to add frames, undo works as expected but if you go back to edit a frame, you will need to use the eraser to edit the drawing.  We are making this process as seamless as possible.

Android ‘donate’ apps are being discontinued

26 10 2015

Sports Dood apps launched a long time before in-app purchases were available for Android so we had to maintain 2 versions of the product, a full and an ad supported version.  This meant double the app listings and double the amount of compile effort on every revision across every sport.  On iOS, we launched those apps after in-app purchasing was available so there is only 1 version of every app and this makes it much easier to test and deploy new features.  In order to get new updates and bug fixes to you quickly, you will need to transition to the free version of the app (and in-app purchase to donate to remove ads.  To make this easier, last year we added support to export your play and formation databases.  So now, you can easily move your paid plays and formations over to the free version of the app.

This transition to a single app will allow us to focus on developing features instead of administrating double the amount of applications.  We realize that some of you may have recently purchased the ‘donate’ version so if you move to the free version and perform the in-app purchase, we will refund that purchase if you bought within the last year.  Please shoot an email if you are in this situation so we can figure it out.