March 13, 2018 dellaa3

Bauer Vapor x900 Skates Peel

I recently decided to splurge and buy a top end pair of skates from Bauer. They felt good and looked good and for the first few games I was happy with my purchase which was more than I budgeted.

I recently took them out of my bag and having sustained no substantial hit to the boot, I found the ‘paint’ was peeling. I could even pull it off like it was dead skin removing from a scab. In my life of owning 100’s of composite sticks, high end skates with composite material and other hockey equipment have I ever seen anything like it. This is only going to get worse and I am really disappointed and sad with my purchase. My much older RBK skates do not have paint and actually still look decent, they just have what normal skates have, scratches and dents and puck marks.

This is unacceptable. Is Bauer trying to introduce earlier planned obsolescence? Try to get people to buy skates more often by lowering the quality? I recently contacted Bauer about this issue but was told basically that it is hockey so I should be happy with a cheap paint job and my $800 (before tax) skates looking old in a year (not their exact words). This seems like a poor way to finish skates. Previous versions of Bauer Vapor skates did not have this paint finish and held up better. In our quest for shiny new things, just know that not everything that glitters is gold.