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Sports Dood is a series of mobile and desktop applications focused on creating and sharing sports tactics. We cover a wide range of sports on multiple platforms that:

  • allow sharing of images and animations
  • objects such as pylons, balls and referees
  • adding text and drawing layers
  • creating pdf coaching plays or exported video animations
  • custom backgrounds
  • save formations, images or animated plays


App Overview

This video provides a basic overview of all the features and capabilities of the application although there may be some sport specific capabilities in each application Watch


This video covers the drawing tools but more importantly how they are saved and how they can be edited. When a play is first created, each drawing is saved independently and can be removed via the undo tool. Once a play is saved, the entire drawing is encoded into an image so the logic of undo is lost. In 7.4.0, you can now use a very basic eraser to touch up saved plays. Watch

Cloud / Sharing

This video covers a quick demo of using cloud storage solutions like Drop Box or Google Drive. These cloud services are a great way to back up your plays / images as well as sync across many users using a shared account or through the shared folder features of the services. Watch


This video covers a quick demo of using the animation feature and how to make smoother curves by using more key frames and adjusting the key frame timer. Watch



Sports Dood applications consist of Android and iOS sport specific apps that allow you to create plays and images for that particular sport and share those plays with others.  For those without an Android or iPad, there is a free Windows application that allows all the capability of the mobile version plus the ability to record in FLV format.  This can be posted to YouTube or played back with such media players as VLC.

Download the User Guide for help using the mobile & desktop applications.

SportsDood User Guide v1



Desktop version:
This app requires Adobe AIR and it must be installed before trying to install Sports Dood.  Adobe AIR allows the app to run on Mac or Windows.

Download Adobe AIR
Download Sports Dood


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