Sports Dood Install Issues

4 12 2014

Some Google Nexus users that received the OTA update are having some unexpected behaviour with some apps, including Sports Dood apps.  Essentially, the OTA can in some instances remove the Sports Dood app and when you try to reinstall the app, you might see a 505 error.  A 505 error is caused when the app certificate of the app you are trying to install does not match the app on your device.  The issue is not caused by the Sports Dood apps incompatibility with 5.0 since they have the same certificate (Google Play also verifies this when you publish so the fact it is in the store means certificate is valid).  The issue is a bug that was introduced in Android 5.0 that calculates a mismatch in some kinds of certificate (I won’t go into details but HERE is a link to the issue).

Google has recently pushed an update for Android (version 5.0.1), read about it HERE.  I assume an OTA will be rolling out which will allow you to install the apps normally and I am hoping that it will also recover your data in the process.

A new feature is rolling out which allows you to export entire database files from the app.  This will allow you to quickly backup entire formation and play databases in one quick step.  You can place the database on drop box and re-load it quickly back in as needed.  Some new videos will be coming to recap all the latest features in the past several months.



New Android version rolling out!

10 10 2014

Key new features:

– custom backgrounds.  Simply copy an image to the sports dood directory into a new folder called backgrounds (image recommended 500w by 700h or similar aspect ratio)
– support for android immersive mode where device supports
– option to enable drawing and moving players at the same time
– ability to delete any animation frame (not just from end)
– ability to overwrite plays and formations (no longer allowed duplicates)


Basketball Dood Featured on Intel Commercial

29 07 2014

Check out this coach video and see a coach using Basketball Dood including an animation!

Sports Dood for Desktop

12 12 2013

Just in time for the holidays, there is a new Sports Dood desktop application in beta and it has been added to the download section to replace the old play viewer. It has ALL the capability of the mobile app including drawing, sharing and animating. It is multi-sport so you get 8 sports all for FREE!! This beta will so check back for updates.

Dec 15th – beta version 1.2 released, fixes a few issues such as soccer ball was used for all sports, pucks and refs not saving correctly in plays.



App Updates

14 11 2013

Rolling out a series of app updates which includes new drawing tools (serpent, double line), team colors (new to iOS) and added sharing capabilities (new to iOS).  Hockey and Basketball (iOS) are now available with other sports coming soon.  Android free apps have the new tools currently with paid apps on the way.

Stack Collage

28 09 2013

Download a new app called Stack Collage available on either Android or iOS.  Among many uses of being a great tool to import photos and draw on them, you can add multiple photos into a photo stack and create super fun collages.  In addition to this, Sports Dood coaches may want to load in a bunch of plays and quickly pinch zoom into a particular play and overlay some doodles in a quick demonstration of a play.  Below is a quick screen grab showing how you can move images around via multitouch and really provide a quick and easy flexible surface of images.

Try it out, it is free


photo (1)

Sports Dood iOS Apps

24 04 2013

The Sports Dood iOS family of apps is growing, click on the below link to get yours today!







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